Brett’s first sportscasting job came in May 2013; he called the final six games of the Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association boys lacrosse state tournament for the now-defunct online outlet Both his passion for the art of play-by-play and the prominence of the events he has covered have grown exponentially in the years since. Brett has called games for 13 sports across the professional, varsity collegiate, club collegiate, and high-school levels. His conviction that sportscasters can influence lives for the better by telling compelling stories and capturing meaningful moments is foremost in his mind every time he takes the microphone.

Radio Tapes

TV Tapes

Basketball Radio Samples
SOLO SEGMENT: first five minutes of 4th quarter
of 3/9/21 WKU vs. ODU game (0:00-8:18)
SEGMENT WITH ANALYST: start of 4th quarter
of 3/5/20 WKU vs. Charlotte game (8:22-17:45)

Football Radio Sample

First drive of 3rd quarter of 12/6/20

Western Kentucky @ Charlotte game

Football TV Sample
Two consecutive drives from 1st quarter of
10/13/18 Hampton @ Presbyterian game
Volleyball TV Demo
Broadcast open from 10/20/19 WKU vs. UTSA
match (0:10-2:18)
Segment from 2nd set of 12/6/19 WKU vs. Louisville
match (NCAA Tournament 2nd Round) (2:19-18:24)
Soccer TV Demo
Highlights from 2019 Western Kentucky
women's soccer broadcasts (0:10-1:09)
Segment from 10/3/19 WKU vs. Charlotte match

Baseball Radio Demo

Entire 6th inning of 3/14/21

Western Kentucky vs. Bowling Green game

Softball Radio Demo
Entire 6th inning of 
3/23/18 Queens vs. Newberry game
Softball TV Demo
Bottom 3rd of 2/28/20 WKU vs. IUPUI 
game (0:10-10:30)
Bottom 2nd of 2/28/20 WKU vs. Austin Peay
game (10:31-24:29)
Basketball TV Sample
First five minutes of 3rd quarter of 
12/6/17 Queens vs. North Greenville game
Hockey Radio Demo
Highlights from assorted ECHL & AHL broadcasts
Segment from 3/31/19 Kansas City Mavericks
@ Indy Fuel game (2:23-17:04)
Hockey TV Demo
Highlights from 2016-2017 South Carolina
club hockey broadcasts (0:10-0:55)
Segment from 2/18/17 South Carolina vs. Clemson
game (0:56-10:07)
Men's Lacrosse Radio Sample
3rd quarter of 4/30/19 South Warren HS (KY)
@ Bowling Green HS (KY) game
Men's Lacrosse TV Demo
Highlights from 2018 Queens men's lacrosse
broadcasts (0:10-1:02)
Segment from 4/7/18 Queens vs. Mars Hill game
Women's Lacrosse TV Demo
Highlights from 2018 Queens women's lacrosse
broadcasts (0:10-1:04)
Segment from 4/14/18 Queens vs. Catawba game